Depression & Anxiety Pills

Depression & Anxiety Pills point to the fact that depression and anxiety can be very dangerous as they may significantly increase the risk of stroke, sudden cardiac death, cancer, suicide, addictive behaviours, migraines and headaches, osteoporosis, asthma, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, hormonal imbalance, and other health problems. Buy Depression & Anxiety Pills Online

Main Symptoms Of Depression

The following symptoms are associated with depression:

  • Fatigue (tiredness),
  • Sadness,
  • Feelings of emptiness,
  • Agitation or irritability,
  • Lack of interest in daily routines,
  • Problems with falling asleep, waking up too early, or constant sleepiness,
  • Slower body movements,
  • Feelings of worthlessness,
  • Problems with concentration,
  • Morbid thoughts,
  • Problems with appetite.

According to Dr. Nedley if you experience at least half of the listed above symptoms for the most of at least two weeks, you can be almost certain that you suffer from a condition called major depression. Experiencing less than 50% of these symptoms indicates minor depression, which untreated will eventually lead to major depression. Buy Depression & Anxiety Pills Online.

Types Of Depression

There are 4 main types of depression:

  • Major depression involves at least five of the above listed symptoms for at least two-week period. Major depressive episodes may occur once or twice in a lifetime, or they may recur frequently. They may also be triggered by a romantic breakup, the death of a close person, a medical illness, or other stressful experiences. Some individuals with major depression may attempt to commit suicide.
  • Persistent depressive disorder (PDD) (formerly called Dysthymia) is a form of depression that usually continues for at least two years. Although it is less severe than major depression, It involves the same symptoms as major depression, mainly low energy, poor appetite or overeating, and insomnia or oversleeping. It can manifest as stress, irritability, and mild anhedonia, which is the inability to derive pleasure from most activities. People with PDD might be thought of as always seeing the glass as half empty. Depression & Anxiety Pills
  • Bipolar (Manic) Disorder includes major mood swings, when periods of depression alternate with periods of mania. When manic, they are in a state of high excitement, and may plan and may try to carry out over-ambitious schemes and ideas. They often then have periods of severe depression.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a seasonal depression which is related to day length. It usually comes on in the autumn and winter, when days are short and the sun is low in the sky, and gets better as the days get longer and brighter. Depression & Anxiety Pills
Depression & Anxiety Pills

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