Overdose On Zopiclone contains the active ingredient zopiclone. It is often used to help cure sleeping problems, especially insomnia. It can help patients fall asleep and reduce the number of times you wake up at night. Zopiclone must be taken exactly as directed by your doctor.

Their advice might be different from those found in the product information leaflet, and the doctor will advise you how much of this medication you must take to avoid overdose. This will all have to depend on your medical condition and whether or not you are taking other medication.

Do not take Zopiclone if you are able to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. The recommended adult dosage is one tablet before bedtime. The medication must be taken in a single dose, and should not be taken again in the same evening. For those over 65 years old, the dose is one half tablet taken before bedtime.

For patients with kidney or liver problems, the recommended dose is one half tablet before bedtime. You might be prescribed a different dose depending on your age, health condition, or other health conditions. Zopiclone must not be given to patients below 18 years old.

Take Zopiclone as long as your doctor tells you to. Ideally, the medication is used for short term treatment of up to 2 to 4 weeks. While under medication, do observe your reaction to the drug and be mindful of changes in your behaviour or actions.

Taking alcohol while on Zopiclone can increase the risk for sleepwalking or eating food while sound asleep. Some sleep medication can result in short term memory loss. When this happens, an individual is unable to recall what has transpired the last few hours while on the medicine.

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