Anxiety or Erectile Dsyfunction

Anxiety or Erectile Dsyfunction is very important to talk about your health concerns. As a society, it’s well-known that men especially do not speak about their own bodies and health worries. But a recent side effect of talking about erectile dysfunction is the rising anxiety levels within young men. As the awareness of ED grows, so has the concern from many young men that they themselves are suffering from bouts of erectile dysfunction. However, this in fact may be a psychological issue brought on by the young men themselves.

What causes performance anxiety?

Performance anxiety can appear in any area where a person is concerned about their performance whilst doing something. Sexually, performance anxiety can be extremely debilitating and can ruin a sexual moment for someone or a couple. One episode of sexual performance anxiety can cause a spiral of future moments, making it difficult to let go.

There are several issues which can cause performance anxiety:

  • Stress

External causes of stress such as worrying about work-related matters, family issues or even financial matters, things that aren’t related to sex at all, can cause the person to lose the ability to focus whilst in the moment.

  • Low confidence
  • Body image issues
  • Fear of rejection
  • Concern over an unsatisfactory sexual experience for both themselves and their partner

Very often, the issue is nothing to do with the sexual activity taking place. Someone who is very attracted to their partner or who has never had any issues with their sexual performance before experience performance anxiety.

It’s commonly known that talking about a problem can often help you cope with it much easier, and communication within a relationship is key. Performance anxiety can be difficult not only for the sufferer but also for their partner, as they may believe that the problems can be due to them. Are they no longer attracted to me? Is it something I did? Discussing how you’re feeling with your partner is a great opportunity to help calm your nerves by talking about what you’re comfortable with and maybe find some creative solutions. Their support will help massively to remove any guilt or stigma.

Anxiety or Erectile Dsyfunction

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